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Insure Your Stored Items

The items you place in self-storage spaces are your sole responsibility. Items are not insured by Morespace. We rent space and do not take care or custody of your property. Check with your insurance agent to see whether you are covered for storage. If not, Morespace can offer you access to coverage

Prepare Items for Storage

Most items should be disassembledand stored with legs wrapped and labeled. This includes tables and furniture. Protect brakable items such as dishes and glassware in special boxes allowing ample room to pack each item separately in its own coccoon of newspaper - all of which should then be surrounded by an additional layer of packing material. Store books and papers in small boxes that can easily be lifted.

Other helpful tips include sealing everything with tape and or padded covers. Label every box! And it's always a good idea to store the largest items at the back of your space, and the smallest items in front.

Protective covers are recommended for computers and all other electronic equipment.

Choosing Amount of Space

One of the hardest choices you'll have to make when choosing a self-storage facility is how much space you need. With units on offer ranging from the size of a box, a closet, a garage or a warehouse, you'll be spoilt for choice. Choose a self-storage unit that's too small and you won't be able to fit all your items in it. Opt for one that's too big and you'll be wasting money on space you're not using.

You can, after all, always increase or decrease the self-storage space you rent according to your needs so it's important to decide if you'll need to change in the short term. For example, if you're storing some items in a self-storage unit for a few weeks before need to add other things and increase your size, it may be worth your while to hire a slightly larger unit that will hold everything. The extra rental costs you'll pay for those few weeks might compensate for the alternative of having to repeat all the time and effort of getting your stuff into storage in the first place.


Helpful Storage Tips

WARNING: Do not store combustible items in your storage unit (e.g. paint, paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, etc.

Fragile items should be carefully wrapped and labeled to prevent damage.

Clearly label boxes and containers for easy identification of contents.

Allow walkway space.

Arrange the frequently accessed contents of your storage unit so they can be easily reached.

Secure your storage unit with a good quality lock, such as a disc lock. Locks are available for purchase on site.

Invest in good quality sturdy boxes and packing materials (also available for purchase onsiet- box strength degrades with use. If you buy boxes of similar sizes it'll be easier to stack them securely in the self-storage facility and will save you space.

Although some self-storage companies will offer packing as an additional service, you will pay for the privilege and, in most cases, you'll be packing up yourself. Packing for self-storage is an art and you'll need to put some thought into it before you begin. After all, one of the primary advantages of using a self-storage facility is the fact that you can continue to access your items even in storage.

The first thing to remember therefore is to pack in such a way that you can find things at a later date quickly and without unloading absolutely everything you've put away. Make an inventory of what you've packed and where it is as you go along. Other packing and storage preparation tips include:

  • Make an estimate of the replacement value of each item you store to help with accurate insurance policies and in case of unforeseen damage in the self-storage facility.
  • Invest in good quality sturdy boxes and packing materials - box strength degrades with use. If you buy boxes of similar sizes it'll be easier to stack them securely in the self-storage facility and will save you space.
  • Box everything that you can - everything that is left unboxed in a self-storage facility will get dusty and potentially dirty.
  • Fill boxes to capacity wherever possible to avoid breakages but avoid making them too heavy - remember you'll have to be able to lift them. You can use materials such as paper or towels or can buy special packing to fill spaces if necessary. Depending on the space you opt to rent from your self-storage facility, you might be stacking boxes on top of each other and the lower levels need to be sturdy enough to take the strain. Boxes that are only partly filled may tip over or collapse.



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